On February 16, 2011, Matthew Rossiter moderated the Sixth Annual Fiduciary Litigation Seminar, and also presented the Annual Update on the Law. Over 100 attorneys were in attendance.

On November 3, 2010, Jamie Boock successfully obtained a verdict after a jury trial against the City of St. Louis for failing to timely repair a dangerous condition on a City of St. Louis road which resulted in a one-car accident. Defendants made no offer to settle before trial.

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Personal Injury Litigation

Products Liability

The attorneys at Rossiter & Boock, LLC assist individuals, or their families, who have been harmed by defective and dangerous consumer products.  Every year, thousands of individuals are harmed by dangerous products which have been rushed to market by the corporations that design and sell them.  Fortunately, the law holds these corporations responsible for the defective products sold by these corporations.  Our attorneys are experienced in prosecuting products liability claims on behalf of injured consumers against some of the largest corporations in America.  Products liability cases involve a wide range of consumer and professional products, from defective automobiles such as the Ford Explorer to defective toys due to excessive amounts of lead in the paint used on those toys. For these reasons, it is critical that injured consumers retain a law firm experienced in products liability law and cases.  Our firm assists our clients in obtaining compensation for injuries occurring from defective, dangerous products and/or the manufacturer’s failure to warn consumers of potential dangers in these products.  Our firm assists consumers who have been injured by the following dangerous products:

    ● Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)
    ● Industrial Machinery
    ● Punch Presses
    ● Mechanical Presses
    ● Medical Devices
    ● Prescription and Over the Counter Medication
    ● Consumer Products
    ● Ladders
    ● Tools
    ● Children’s Toys
    ● Children’s Furniture
    ● Cribs
    ● Defective Seatbelts
    ● Defective Airbags
    ● Hunting Equipment
    ● Tree Stands
    ● Household Products

If you, or a family member, are injured by a defective product it is very important that you retain the product or component at issue.  The attorneys at Rossiter & Boock, LLC utilize the best experts in the nation to analyze these products to determine why they failed and what the corporations responsible should have done to ensure that the products were safe when they were originally sold.  Contact the attorneys at Rossiter & Boock, LLC today to discuss your potential claim.

Medical Malpractice and Pharmaceutical Malpractice

    Unfortunately, thousands of people a year are injured or killed by medical errors which could and should have been prevented.  Doctors and nurses are human and make mistakes.  The attorneys at Rossiter & Boock, LLC know that these mistakes can often have devastating consequences, emotionally, physically and financially for the injured patient.  We work with the best experts in the nation to identify when medical mistakes have occurred and what actions should have been taken instead.  Some common types of medical errors we see are:

    ● Emergency Room errors
    ● Birth related injuries including shoulder dystocia
    ● Birth related fatalities
    ● Prescription errors
    ● Medication errors
    ● Failure to diagnose medical conditions
    ● Failure to order appropriate testing
    ● Failure to inform patients of test results
    ● Failure to monitor patients while in the hospital
    ● Improper surgical technique

The attorneys at Rossiter & Boock have years of prosecuting significant medical malpractice cases throughout Missouri and Illinois and would be happy to conduct a free review of your potential claim.  There are time constraints associated with claims for medical malpractice and it is important you contact an attorney promptly to review any issue you may have.

Automobile Accidents/Collisions

Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured and killed on Missouri and Illinois roads each year due to the negligence of other drivers.    Whether someone was distracted by a telephone call, was reading or sending a text message, no excuse is great enough to ignore the resulting damage.  Moreover, it is very important to speak to an attorney as soon as possible after an accident, so we can begin preserving evidence relevant to your case such as photographing the vehicles involved and the scene of the collision.

Each and every auto accident is different, each resulting in differing levels of damages, injuries and losses. We understand the emotional, physical and financial consequences that individuals injured in automobile collisions go through and promptly prosecute each claim to obtain the maximum possible recovery for each injured client.  In Missouri and Illinois, if the other driver is negligent you should be entitled to receive compensation for property damage, for your medical bills and expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost wages and/or lost income. If the negligent driver was also reckless, such as driving under the influence, you may also be entitled to punitive damages, in addition to your actual damages.  In addition, depending on the facts of your case, you may be entitled to seek damages from not only the negligent driver and his or her insurance company, but also your own automobile insurance company as well.  Our attorneys handle these cases, underinsured and uninsured motorist cases, on a regular basis and are intimately familiar with the statutory and common law rules regarding these matters.

The attorneys at Rossiter & Boock, LLC have represented individuals throughout Missouri and Illinois and we regularly litigate and try these cases.  We also work on a regular basis with investigators and/or experts to determine answers to complex scientific and/or engineering questions that can form the underlying cause of a collision.  Some of the types of automobile collisions we have prosecuted in the past are:

    ● Rear End Collisions
    ● Motorcycle Accidents
    ● Collisions Caused by Drunk Drivers
    ● Pedestrian/Automobile Collisions
    ● Underinsured Motorist Claims
    ● Uninsured Motorist Claims
    ● Tractor Trailer Collisions
    ● Hit and Run Collisions

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident or a personal injury, call the Law Firm of Rossiter & Boock, LLC today. Our Law Firm always offers a free initial consultation on all cases and we are only paid if we are successful in obtaining compensation for you for your injuries.

Trucking Accidents

Our firm handles personal injury and wrongful death claims arising out of collisions with tractor trailers.  If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a collision with a tractor trailer, it is important to contact an attorney experienced in this area as soon as possible as it is critical that an investigation be initiated immediately after a collision.  Evidence may be lost or destroyed following a collision and there is a limited amount of time that trucking companies must maintain many records related to their drivers, including evidence regarding driver hours, miles driven and violations. 

The federal government regulates the trucking industry by enacting and enforcing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  These regulations govern all aspects of the trucking industry from pre-employment screening, inspections, safety plans, driver hours, reporting requirements and maintaining drivers’ logs.  These regulations also provide a framework for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to determine a carrier’s safety rating.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations were recently updated in 2010 to improve the reporting requirement for carrier regarding safety concerns involving commercial motor carriers.  This new system, called the Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) replaces the SafeStat system the government had utilized for years to collect information on motor carriers.  The new system evaluates the carrier in seven areas that the government has determined are critical to crash prevention and uses a motor carrier’s data from roadside inspections, including all safety based violations and state reported crashes to identify high risk motor carriers. 

If you have been injured in a collision with a tractor trailer it is imperative that you retain an attorney with a thorough knowledge of the trucking industry, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Safety Regulations.  Mr. Boock has successfully prosecuted several injury and wrongful death claims against trucking companies throughout his career.  Contact the attorneys at Rossiter & Boock, LLC now for a free consultation regarding your claim.

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain their property in a reasonably safe manner and protect individuals who are invited to their property from dangerous conditions on their land.  These cases are based on the reasonable expectation that premises we visit are safe.  However, this is often not the case and if you were injured as a result of lack of maintenance or obvious safety problems, you may have a right to sue the land owner or responsible party for damages you have suffered.

These types of cases can be very difficult to prove as evidence regarding the dangerous condition can disappear, be repaired or altered by the property owner.  As such it is imperative that the dangerous condition be documented as promptly as possible.  For this and other reasons, it is important that you seek help from an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible if you've been injured as a result of another party's negligence to maintain their property in a reasonably safe manner.  If you have been injured because of the poor maintenance of unsafe property, the attorneys at Rossiter & Boock, LLC, may be able to assist you with your claim and help you get the financial compensation you need to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. 

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